Cyber Ranges & Labs FAQ

Below is a list of common questions about Skills Cyber Ranges & Labs. Take a look, your question may already be answered.

Question Answer
How do I access a lab or cyber range? Infosec Cyber Ranges & Labs are included in learning paths when relevant to the learning objectives. You can select the content that aligns with your goals and will naturally encounter ranges and labs related to that learning. Additionally, all ranges and associated labs can be found within the “Cyber ranges” section of the content catalog - just look under “Learn” in the top menu.
How long do I have to complete a lab? Is my progress saved? Each lab requires a learner to complete all steps and tasks inside the lab to have progress recorded. We will keep your lab running for while you are active, and for short periods of inactivity - so if you need a short break or to grab a snack, don’t worry. If you leave the lab for longer, you will idle timeout, and have to start from step 1. Additionally, all labs have a maximum run time, usually set to many times longer than the expected completion time. If you hit that timer, the lab will shut down, and you’ll have to start from step 1. Take your learnings and we are sure you’ll be able to finish on your next run!
How do you know what I’m doing? Skills ranges and labs have a series of tests associated with each step to guide learners and check their actions meet the defined tasks. As you perform the activity in the current step, the lab will detect your progress and notify you when you are ready to proceed to the next step.
I can’t get past this one step though!? Some steps look for very specific user activity. Some tips if you are sure you are doing it right, and can’t get register a success: 1. Reread the step carefully 2. Check the step for included hints 3. If you are typing a command, try typing it without pasting from clipboard, or without tab-complete
How do i get the clipboard to work? I can’t paste? Individual programs inside the remote machine might have their own keyboard commands for “paste”, as well as variations based upon the keyboard you like to use. If in doubt, use the right-click menu, and select paste